Media praise for Database Programming with JDBC & Java

"At around two hundred pages it is quite surprising that the author has managed to pack in so much focused information. The clarity and straightforward progression into what is really quite a complex area impressed me...It looks well laid out and clear, with plenty of comments and so should reward careful study. Java developers who are interested in (JDBC) database programming should get this book." --Roger N. Lever, ACCU , Sep 1998

"This book will help you become more effective at developing Java database programs. The author expertly teaches the reader to use Java to access relational databases, with coverage of SQL, the JDBC and RMI packages, as well as patterns that facilitate the writing of easily-maintained programs. Covers Java 1.1." --Geoff Choo, Director Solutions WEBzine,

"Although I have been in the software industry for 16 years, this is probably the first note of this kind I've ever sent. I just wanted to say thanks for producing such high quality programming books (especially the Java series) at rational prices. It seems that the rest of the computer book industry is hell bent on a race to see who can gouge the highest prices for the cheapest trash. I've voted with my wallet since most of the titles that I buy these days are yours." --Donald J. Cunningham

"I know it sounds like a cliche, but...'if you only buy one JDBC book, then this should be the one!' It's **vastly** better than the other 5 that I (unfortunately) purchased before seeing this one, and it's full of real world stuff." --Thomas J. Lukasik, Buffalo Dataware