Media praise for Python Programming On Win32

"Python Programming on Win32 zeroes in on the strengths of the Python programming language for the Windows platform. If you would like to use Python on Windows with Office 2000, this book is a perfect choice forgetting startedr While Python's initial habitat may be UNIX, Python Programming on Win32 shows that this powerful and increasingly popular object- oriented language may find its next home on Windows. Provided you have some previous exposure to the language, this book is an excellent resource for using Python in a Windows setting."
--Richard Dragan,

"a valuable reference that adds to your arsenal of development tools...This is (or should be) one of the classic O'Reilly books."
--Robert Altena, Algorithmica Japonica, Nov 2000

"A great introduction both to programming Python under Windows and to COM programming for non-Windows programmers. Python has made programming under Win32 really, really easy. Not that it didn't need to be easy before -- it's just that nobody knew how it worked. This book knocks that for six. It covers a basic introduction to Python, builds a slightly more advanced tutorial on that and then covers a load of other topics to finish off. The really big secret is that the information inside isn't just for Windows, though. Quite a lot of it is applicable elsewhere. Topics like printing output to PDF files, using POP3 and HTTP in python would be a useful addition to anybody using Python who isn't already aware of these things. If you've just started learning Python, there will be tons of ideas for you to experiment with: the book brims with practical ideas that focus on one programming paradigm that a lot of people seem to forget about: Getting Things Done. Also, it was written by the author of the code, and it shows."
--Chomatic,, May 2000

"This is a great book written by the authority in the field, Mark Hammond. It is orthogonal to all of the other Python books out there, in that it doesn't waste much time going over the same old basics, but rather gives in-depth coverage of Windows related subjects. It is a quality book on quality paper from a quality guy. At $35, this book is a bargain for anyone using Python on Windows."
--Ron Stephens, Python City