Media praise for VB Shell Programming

"On closer inspection, this is a serious book that shows you how to do a variety of things with VB which you probably thought weren't possible." --Dave Jewell, PC Pro, July 2001

"Visual Basic Shell Programming from O'Reilly & Associates gathers all the required knowledge and presents it in a concise and focused manner that will have you integrating these features fairly quickly...if you're a developer looking to take the next step with your apps then this is the book for you." --Paul G. Brown, MCP Magazine, March 2001

"Even if integrating an application with the Windows shell is not your burning ambition, the book provides a unique insight into the workings of the registry and how interfaces fit into the shell scheme of things." --Major Kearny, PC Update, March 2001

"Filled with expert knowledge of the underlying Windows shell COM objects, Visual Basic Shell Programming is all that you need to write shell-enabled applications that look more professional, as well as rival the functionality of programs that are written in C++. Overall, this book helps explain a rather difficult topic in Windows programming, and makes accessible for the very first time this exciting area of functionality to experienced VB programmers. Read Visual Basic Shell Programming to create applications that both are more professional looking and take full advantage of every available feature in today's Windows desktop." --Richard Dragan, Delivers Computer Programming, Nov 2000

" A definitive guide." --Paper Clips, Oct 2000