Media praise for Java Server Pages

"Overall, this book provides good instruction of JSP technology; it just presents the concepts in a different--and in my opinion, a better way. 4 = out of 5 stars. " --John Zukowski, IBM Developerworks, June 2001

"Why should a reader of IONAsphere purchase a $40 book on JSP, rather than simply downloading any information they need about the technology directly from the Sun Web site ( for free? First, the author, Hans Bergsten, has a keen understanding of - and appreciation for -- the role that both "creatives" (page authors and designers) and "techies" (Java programmers) play in the development of complex Web sites and related applications. Consequently, he offers up JSP as more than just an interesting new technology; he presents it as a tool by which professional with different skills and personalities can work together more effectively for the benefit of their employer. It's difficult to write for two such different audiences without condescending to one and boring the other. Yet Bergsten manages to pull it off most of the time, succumbing to only a few instances of "If you're not a programmer, don't worry if you didn't pick up what happened here".. . Although the author guides his readers step-by-step through setting up a basic JSP environment, he also makes his more than 50 code/tagging examples so clear and intelligible that one can learn the basic concepts of JSP without even accessing a computer. The back of the book contains valuable reference material that will have you returning to the book over and over again.", August 2001

"This book is both well informed and well organized. It provides experts with invaluable tips and insights, while newcomers will find all they need to assess and implement their first JSP applications." --Tim Anderson,

"I it will definitely be a well-used reference from my bookshelf." --Carl Trusiak, Feb 2001

"an excellent printed resource on JSPs, unsurprisingly called JavaServer Pages written by Hans Bergsten...I have been extremely impressed by its depth, clarity, and attention to detail. " --Reuven M. Lerner, Linux Journal, May 2001

"This is a great book: it was written by a key contributor not only to the JSP specification, but also to the JSP and Servlet reference implementations. Filled with useful examples, it stands as an important text in the adoption of JSP in the market." --Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart, lead JSP Specification Engineer.