Media praise for LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell

"This book covers just about everything a Linux power user may ever need , which is exactly what you need to pass the LPI 101/102 tests...If you can study and memorize information you can pass this exam, and with the help of O'Reilly once again it won't even be a challenge...Linux beginners could benefit hugely from this book as it contains everything they will need to get started. Need to know how to us the vi editor? The books got it. Need to know where those pesky log files are? The book has got it. Did you just get broadband and Linux and are just itching to start your own website? O' Reilly has you covered again. This book is just an all around great read."
--F. Hines, San Antonio Macromedia & ColdFusion User Group, July 2002

"Although O'Reilly's Nutshell series are intended as 'Desktop Reference' manuals, I have to recommend this one as a good all-round read; not only as a primer for LPI certification, but as an excellent introductory text on GNU/Linux. In all, this is a valuable addition to O'Reilly's already packed stable of Linux titles and I look forward to more from the author."--Rory Beaton, First Monday, April, 2002

"{The author} draws upon his many years of experience and expertise to present an exhaustive, "user friendly" guide? If you are preparing for your LPI Linux Certification exam, begin with Jeffrey Dean's LPI Linux In a Nutshell!"--James Cox, Midwest Book Review, Jan 2002

"You may not have heard of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) or its professional certifications, but they're becoming an important part of proving professional competence in the Linux operating system. That aside, LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell is a fantastic introductory Linux book, well suited to introducing a curious newcomer to the environment and bringing an intermediate user up to expert status. Throughout, the book makes effective use of O'Reilly's time-tested and remarkably clear format for presenting Unix commands and configuration files. Each chapter concludes with a series of exercises designed to help you discover behaviors on your own, and includes the practice questions you expect in a test-prep aid."--David Wall,, August 2001