Media praise for Sendmail

"This book is the definitive guide to sendmail. If ever you wanted a single volume that contains all there is to know about sendmail then this is it...Configuration is the strong point of this book...If you're running a complex sendmail installation, possibly influding multiple servers, mailing lists and the rest, you'll find this book invaluable."
--Computer Shopper, May 2004

"This book is rightly considered to be the "bible" when it comes to dealing with Sendmail...This book is an absolute necessity for running Sendmail...There are other books written about Sendmail but this one is by far the best written and most detailed. If it can be done in Sendmail, this book should explain how to do it. If your company runs Sendmail as your MTA, this book should be on your reference shelf."
--Peter Stern, Interior Alaska Windows Networking Technology UG, November 2003

"'sendmail, 3rd Edition' is easily the best reference book for sendmail and configuring the file. My old copy of the book was moved to storage, and the new copy placed on the bookcase, where I anticipate it will soon become as weathered and worn as the previous edition."--Emmett Dulaney, UnixReview, April 2003

"Over the years, this book has become the de facto standard documentation source for sendmail. Meanwhile, the software itself has been evolving. Version 8.12 marked a complete and fundamental rewrite of the program, which naturally called for a complete rewrite of this book. Quite simply, if you are administering a machine that uses sendmail--and this includes a huge number of people running Linux at home--then this is the definitive reference book both for understanding sendmail and the intricacies of Internet e-mail in general."--Netsurfer Digest, March 2003

Reviews from previous edition

"This is the sendmail 'bible'" --Peter Collinson, Server/Workstation Expert, July 2001

"I recommend studying or acquiring the excellent O'Reilly & Associates book, "Using Sendmail" (also known as the "bat book"). --Adam Thornton, Technical Support, March 2001

"Its the Bible for Sendmail, written by the man himself, Eric Allman. If you are configuring Sendmail, and you don't have this book, you are a far braver human than I." --Michael Schwager, Sys Admin, March 1999

"'s Bestselling Title of 1998 in the Category of Email Applications"

"The definitive tome about Sendmail."--Ben Rothke, Enterprise Systems Journal, June 1998