Media praise for ASP in a Nutshell

"In this great book the author clearly explains how ASP works and how server-side components can work with ASP code to further extend server-side functionality. Five stars."

"Concise and comprehensive, this three-part desktop reference explores Microsoft's Active ServerPages object model, the powerful server technology used to create Web applications with any scripting language. These are valuable and timesaving details for Web application programmers."

"Overall, would recommend this book to anyone working with or looking at ASP. At under #16 it's a dream!" --Dave Rutlidge, ACCU, Sept 1999

"If you are an experienced Web developer and need a quick introduction to, and a reference book for, ASP 3.0 [available with W2K] you will like ASP in a Nutshell. On the whole it's a very good book and well worth reading if you plan to develop ASP-based web sites." --, April 2001

"For anyone just learning ASP, 'ASP In a Nutshell' would be a great book with which to begin. It features real applications. The first chapter gives a general overview of what ASP brings to the web site. Beginning with the basics allows the beginner as well as the more advanced user to be clear on what the book will teach. This straight forward, exceptionally clear book provides a great desktop reference." --Barbara Rhoades, St Louis Web Developers and Web Designers Organization, Dec 2000

"ASP in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition is an excellent reference book that should find its way into the hands of most, if not all ASP developers. The no frills, to the point reference format of this 475 page book also makes for a very complete reference that won't break your arms while you read it." --Hamid Shojaee,, August 2000

"ASP in a Nutshell sinks its fangs directly into the subject with a detailed, informative description of object models, data access techniques and installable components. If it's a high-quality ASP desktop reference you're after, slither this way." --Wendy Phillips, misc.books.technical, June 1999

"An in-depth resource provides web developers with all the essential information for creating effective Active Server Pages (ASP) applications and shows experienced deverlops how to take their ASP applications to greater heights." --Book Alert Dec 1999

"The second edition of ASP in a Nutshell is organized into three stellar sections: an introduction to ASP, a language reference, and appendices. There are also updates on IIS 5.0 and ASP 3.0--the latest flavors of Microsoft's flagship Web server and scripting engines, respectively a quick reference guide for looking up object usage on a dime. This guide is geared toward working ASP programmers who need to get their answers quickly, without wading through long examples. Throughout, the information is accurate and to the point, which is exactly what busy programmers really need in a desktop reference" --Stephen W. Plain,, August 2000