Media praise for The Essential Blender

"It's a great reference for those wanting to jump on this very popular 3D design tool."
-- Manny Hernandez, Blogcritics Magazine

"It really does contain a great deal of useful content in assisting the reader in using a very powerful and absolutely free 3D rendering application."
-- James Pyles, Cert Forums

"Recommended to anyone who wants to get into serious 3D animation; an essential resource for those who already use Blender; and well worth considering as a library acquisition for its plain-language explanation of 3D animation"
-- Major Keary, Book News

"You'll find a wealth of 3D design information inside that will help you to unlock your artistic potential and get the most out of Blender."
-- Alles Beta!

"The Essential Blender is written simply, with long explanations and plenty of visual aids, which is perfect for someone who is just learning."
-- Garrett Yonkers, WGD Forum

"I definitely recommend if you are thinking about getting into using 3D software or Blender."
-- Matt Sampson