Media praise for Nagios

"One of the important facets of this book is that, although there is an attempt to present useful information, it also motivates the reader to go further and explore based on the suggestions and hints provided."
-- Ganadeva Bandyopadhyay,

"This book will get novices off to a good start, but it's invaluable for anyone who is migrating from Nagios 2 to 3 or enhancing their monitoring setup."
-- Sandra Henry-Stocker, IT World

"If you're going to delve into Nagios, and you have at least an intermediate understanding of computer technology, then this is the manual for you."
-- Jennifer McClain, The Tech Static

"Recently, we've begun rebuilding our Nagios installation and Nagios 2nd Edition has proved indispensable during the process. In short, if you are looking to deploy a monitoring solutions or already employ Nagios in your operations, this book is a must have. With it, you will save hours debugging that pesky Nagios configuration problem and learn to maximize Nagios' power to monitoring your IT operations."
-- Jeff Huckaby, Ping Zine!

"If you’re planning a new Nagios installation, or you (correctly) suspect yours could be working harder for you, buy this book."
-- Aaron Brady, Python Buzz Forum