Media praise for How to Be a Geek Goddess

"All of the basics are covered including setting up a home network and how to set up proper security. Each section gives basic and practical advice on making decisions on hardware and software, almost always offering multiple options. And while the packaging is different than anything I've ever seen in a tech book, the underlying information is the same. Someone who reads this through will come away knowing the difference between adware, spyware and viruses as well as what a botnet is."
-- JR Peck,

"The solid, down-to-earth information about PC hardware and software that Christina Tynan-Wood provides in How to Be a Geek Goddess will be welcomed by anyone who relies on technology in his or her personal or professional life."
-- Windows Secrets

"Love the title and the premise."
-- Stephen Williams, Gadgetwise column on The New York Times

"The idea of a book on technology geared towards women is a nice one. Women do have a different slant on technology and their relationship to it; rarely do books speak to them in a tone of voice they can comfortably relate to."
-- Heart Crossings Blog

"Christina Tynan-Wood understands the difference between how women and men think about technology."
-- Jennifer Wagner, Connect With Your Teens Through Pop Culture Technology

"Tynan-Wood really does manage to package the goodies in a certain appealing way that will keep you reading."
-- Tina Gasperson, LinuxPlanet

"Highly recommended for anyone (male or female) wanting to understand a bit more about technology and how to make it easier."
-- The Sacramento Book Review, Volume 1, Issue 5 Page 14

"This informative and highly readable book would make a great gift for your mom or grandmother who has just gotten online or perhaps wants to go beyond just using the computer for email."
-- Jennifer, 5 Minutes for Mom

"Christina Tynan-Wood and No Starch Press have put out a perfect beginner's manual to all things computer. How to Be a Geek Goddess has it all."
-- Linsey Knerl, Wisebread

"How to Be a Geek Goddess, by Christina Tynan-Wood, is an engaging guide to the ins and outs of technology that would be just as handy for would-be geek gods as it is for goddesses."
-- Bob and Joy Schwabach, On Computers

"If you are a woman who feels that you are technically challenged, this is a book that you MUST READ simply because it is written by a woman in simple, easy to understand, everyday language."
-- My Lil Venture

"The common sense delivery of techie tidbits in How to Be a Geek Goddess is certainly not exclusive to what women have been clamoring for. It will appeal to anyone who wants down-to-earth explanations that don't patronize, nor talk over the heads of the readers."
-- Mary K. Williams,

"Even though I think of myself as a pretty tech-savvy person, I found out some things in this book that have really helped enhance my technological life."
-- Domestic Diva, The Domestic Diva

"I love this book. It's changed my level of computer confidence. So much so that I might even see the return of my 1980's glory days as a tech guru."
-- The Best Kept Secret

"I found How to Be a Geek Goddess a great read and would recommend it to any woman in your life."
-- Lisa, Lisa Reviews

"As for the basic part, yes, there are some very basic sections, but they are so entertaining and well-written that you'll read them anyway, even if you already know the stuff. That being said, I learned things throughout the entire book, even in sections I figured would just be repeating things I already knew...there are little gems strewn throughout the text that make it a book definitely worth reading."
-- Genesis Davies, At Home Mom Blog

"The premise is that women don't need to either feel overwhelmed by PCs or be dependent on men to help conquer buying, using, and maintaining a computer. [Christina Tynan-Wood] does it in an engaging, funny, and often snarky way."
-- Steve Bass, TechBite

"I highly recommend this book for anyone who meets the target demographic. It would also come in handy as a bookshelf reference for those times someone you know needs a crash course in something specific such as social networking or setting up one's first wireless network."
-- Dru Lavigne, Toolbox for IT

"How to Be a Geek Goddess is well written, easy to read, and a surprisingly complete introduction for beginners on getting some work done...Give a copy to your girl friend (or someone you wish would be your girl friend for that matter). Recommended. "
-- Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor

"Christina Tynan-Wood...has a great grasp of how the 'average' woman and the 'average' man differ and she gives the non-geek woman a comprehensive and incredibly easy to read & understand guide to today's tech in this book."
-- The Opinionated Parent

"We already consider ourselves to be pretty [darn] geeky. But How to Be a Geek Goddess by Christina Tynan-Wood still managed to teach us a thing or two we didn't know, and for that reason (and a thousand others), we dig it."
-- Outblush

"OK, so, I'm a little geeky--some may even call me geek-chic. So, when I have a tech question, the last person I want to ask is...a man. That's why How to Be a Geek Goddess by Christina Tynan-Wood is so cool."
-- Glittarazzi

"I did learn about some new Web sites to find great deals on random stuff, and I learned that the little RSS feed icon is called a chicklet (cute). And the book is written with plenty of lighthearted, you-don't-need-a-man-to-help-you-with-that charm."
-- Jenn Totten, Creative Skirts

"Buy the book if you are technologically-challenged (male or female), because it is witty and down to earth while being extremely informative and not frightening at all...Absolutely fabulous."
-- Fabulously Broke

"...How to be a Geek Goddess is an ideal acquisition to those who want to avoid ignorance in the necessary modern art of computer use."
-- James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review - Wisconsin Bookwatch

"Although not billed as a manual, the author provided, in clear detail, many of the common routes or fixes to problems in buying, setting up, enriching, networking, and trouble shooting a Wintel computer."
-- Harry Babad, MacCompanion Magazine

"Full of humor and attitude, How to Be a Geek Goddess will have moms feeling like they have their most tech-savvy friend on speed-dial."
-- Splash Magazine

"So basically, if you're of the feminine persuasion and you need help navigating your way around your computer - on and offline - this is the book for you."
-- Stephanie Dickison, The Knack

"This is a book for women who want to absorb some pointers here and there while reading about all the things you can do with your computer. If you are already very familiar with computers, you can skip this book. But again, if you want to immerse yourself in technology and pick up some knowledge and useful tidbits on the way, you will love this book. And you may even become a Geek Goddess yourself! "
-- Sandy Berger, QBits, December 2009, Volume 27, number 11

"The book,which comes in at more than 300 pages, offers photos, diagrams and easy-to-read how-to format geared toward the way a woman's mind works -- unique and fascinating."
-- Robbi Hess, The Lip-Sticking Society

"All of the basics are covered including setting up a home network and how to set up proper security."
--JR Peck,