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Media praise for The Guild Leader's Handbook

"If you take online gaming seriously—almost too seriously—this is a great read. "
-- Ben Kuchera, Ars Technica

"Mr. Andrews is a capable writer with a colloquial style and a knack for illustrating his points with interesting real-world examples."
-- Chad Sapieha, The Globe and Mail

"The Guild Leader’s Handbook is an excellent guide for current leaders, as well as gamers who aspire to be guild leaders in any capacity."
-- Wally Bahny,

"I definitely recommend The Guild Leader's Handbook as a quality addition to any gaming nerd's collection - you don't have to be a guild leader to appreciate it!"
-- Mivari, The Wowhead Blog

"In the end I loved reading this book. I think it’s a great refresher course for those who may have been leaders in the past as well as a good primer for those just getting into leading a guild."
-- stealthyslyth (Stephanie S.), GamingAngels

"This is easily the cleanest and most clearly written game reference book I've read."
-- Kyle Ackerman, Frictionless Insight

" extremely solid book on guild leadership."
-- Rohan, Blessings of Kings

"Thanks to the great writing, reading the entire book front to back is very enjoyable, and even the most experienced leaders are sure to find at least a few things they can use to make improvements."
-- Syncaine, Hardcore Casual

" well written, logically put together and is a must read for anyone seriously involved in MMOs and guild structure."
-- Lodur, World of Matticus

"This is a very entertaining book for everyone, no matter where you stand in the game."
-- Xerin, Ten Ton Hammer