Media praise for The LEGO Adventure Book, Vol. 1

"This book has something for everyone...Your creativity is guaranteed to be bumped up with the abundance of ideas. Whether you’re new to LEGO building or an experienced engineer, you’ll be delighted. Both my husband and our grandson loved this book. I suggest picking up at least two: one for yourself and one to give as a gift."
-- Carolyn Warren,

"What an amazing book! I loved all of the bright and inviting pictures within this and the models that you presented with are fun and the instructions are easy to follow. My eight year old daughter loves Legos and she found this book to be so interesting! I have found her at all hours of the day looking through this, and she has come to me multiple times thus far asking whether she can get more Lego blocks to help her to be able build what you find in the book. The book itself was well laid out and I loved how easy the directions were to follow and you will too!"
-- Chris L., Dad of Divas

"A fun book to help inspire potential LEGO builders (both professional and hobbyists) into thinking outside of the instruction books. It shows off a wide variety of models and does so in a way that it should keep most younger readers interested."
-- Chris Meyer, Game Vortex