Media praise for Closeup Shooting

"Once you have read the book, you are likely to refer to it frequently...In short, Cyrill Harnishmacher, who also wrote the award-winning book Low Budget Shooting, is ideally suited to helping readers master the many skills this fascinating realm of photography requires."
-- Carol Conti-Entin, Mouse Tales Newsletter, North Coast Macintosh Users Group of Cleveland, OH

"With this full-colour hard-cover text, the amateur photographer will learn how to make the most of his or her equipment in order to get the best possible shots of very small objects...No matter how serious you are about your close-up pictures, if you want to get a lot of practical ideas from an experienced award-winning European photographer about how to improve the quality of your pictures of insects and other tiny objects, this wonderful book will be a valuable resource and the pictures contained in it will be an inspiration."
-- Michael Shaw, Macintosh Users East (MaUsE)

"Closeup Shooting: Complex information, good results"
-- Jeremy Schultz, Designorati