Media praise for Low Budget Shooting

"The book arrived today. I opened the envelope, glanced at several pages, then glanced at some more, and some more. Judging from what I've just seen I am going to LOVE this book. I will be showing it to my classes, which, BTW, frequently deal with getting the best photos possible while spending the least amount of time, effort, and money...I had to look again. A major interruption in my work flow but seldom does a book "grab" me like this one has...The devices I see in Cryill's book, however, rival those devices I see selling for hundreds of dollars. Magnificent. There really IS something to the phrase German engineering, I suppose."
-- Bill Achuff, Achuff Photography and Video

"If you are interested in photographing small objects indoors with very fine lighting effects, you will certainly want to look through this book. If you also enjoy engineering projects and are clever with your hands, you may want to save money by making some of this special gear for yourself...Clearly this book fills a very special niche, and if this is also your niche, you need look no further."
-- Sally Brown, Mouse Tales Newsletter, North Coast Macintosh Users Group of Cleveland, OH

"Low Budget Shooting is perfect for a photographer with a great camera but no lighting equipment. "
-- Jeremy Schultz, Designorati