Media praise for Scanning Negatives and Slides

"If you're going to scan some film, look into this book."
-- Jay Nelson, Design Tools Monthly, Issue #199, March 2009

"When we saw this book in the RockyNook collection, we thought, finally, everything we need to know gathered in one place. This 2nd Edition of Scanning Negatives and Slides by Sacha Steinhoff covers all of the steps necessary to tackle a conversion project. There is even a CD full of useful software and tools."
-- Wan Chi Lau, RainyDayMagazine

"Scanning Negatives and Slides is remarkably practical and technically detailed. It is not just the owner/custodian of a collection who will benefit from Scanning Negatives and Slides; anyone engaged in professional-level scanning should find much useful information, such as the discussions on workflow. An essential resource for anyone who wants to convert a significant archive. Highly recommended as an acquisition for any library with holdings on photography, digital or traditional. "
-- Major Keary, Linux Users of Victoria Inc.

"This should be your first purchase before buying any- thing else when digitizing your memories. "
-- Mark Mattson, Computer Users of Erie, Horizons, Volume 28, Number 4, April 2010

"This new book covers everything you will need to know from A-to-Z of film scanning, and does it in a fully illustrated and easy to follow manor."
-- Paul Faust, Nature Photographers