Media praise for Fine Art Printing for Photographers

"This is not for the faint of heart however; if you are seriously looking to improve the quality of your prints whether for personal reasons or for sale, add this book to your library as a comprehensive resource and guide."
-- SNAG, MacTracks July/August 2008

"Fine Art Printing for Photographers continues to be the best overall book on fine art printing. This is not a rehash of a printer manual nor is it just a glossy overview of printing topics. This is a fairly technical yet easily readable book about how to get the best out of your prints."
-- T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine

"The level of detail combined with the breadth of topics is very impressive...I recommend [this book] to anyone serious about getting into fine art printing or improving their prints."
-- John Watson, PhotoDoto

"This is a good book. It contains more information than most people want. When it comes to color management, most people just want their pictures to look good. Fine Art Printing for Photographers is for the others who need truer colors."
-- Barry Hayes, November 2008 NVMU eNewsletter

"There is a LOT of information in this book, and it is well-illustrated when necessary. Basic color theory is presented, as well as discussions on color spaces, gamut, and other terms relating to printing. If you are doing high quality fineart printing for selling your images, this book should be a must-read for you, even if you have a printing setup already. But if you are just breaking into the field, it should be your first step prior to investing in quipment, to ensure you get what you need to produce the products you wish."
-- Tanya Mattson, Librarian, Computer Users of Erie, Horizons, Volume 27, Number 3, March 2009