Media praise for Digital Infrared Photography

"It has been my previous experience that picking up a book from Rocky Nook press is to experience a book-lovers joy. Digital Infrared Photography is printed on acid-free paper and laid out with clean, uncluttered, linear design and printed with wonderful concern for the accuracy of color and the depth of the black and white illustrations, so it certainly does not disappoint. While the volume is pretty enough to simply be a small coffee-table book; it's content filled me in on the state of the art with modern digital cameras and had enough theory to refresh my memory and probably enough to satisfy the casual read."
-- Dr. Michael N. Roach,

"Digital Infrared Photography is the perfect guide into the world of the photographic details: theoretical background, information on cameras, filters and equipment... "
-- Nadia Russ, Wonderpedia

"If you are an aspiring photographer wanting to explore new photographic territories this beautifully designed and illustrated book is the perfect companion for you."
-- Michael Shaw, Macintosh Users East (MaUsE)

"Digital Infrared Photography is an excellent book for someone new to digital infrared photography. It would also be great for a photographer who hasn't expressed an interest in infrared but enjoys being creative with digital photography. Photographers who are already experienced with infrared photography will have less use for this book, but may find a few new tricks in its pages."
-- Jeremy Schultz, Designorati

"...published in a beautifully designed, slim, hard cover book with gorgeous crisp and sometimes-eerie infrared photographs, is a feast for the eyes. It is also a very complete compact guide to accomplishing extraordinary photography in the digital realm of recording the "invisible" spectrum of infrared light."
-- John Hershey, NCMUG December 2008 Newsletter

"Digital Infrared Photography makes for a very good introduction to the subject of infrared photography. It nicely transitions from the technical topics of what infrared photography is, through what equipment you need, to the last third of the book focusing on the digital darkroom. "
-- T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine

"If you are afraid or hesitant to alter or dedicate your camera to generate original infrared digital "negatives," stay away from Digital Infrared Photography. But if the author's fabulous photos inspire and motivate you, then this concise volume will have a prominent place on your bookshelf."
-- John Nemerovski, MyMac Magazine

"Digital Infrared Photography is a compact guide to infrared photography that shows the beauty of infrared imagery while it teaches how to shoot these images with a digital camera. "
-- Stan Ashbrook, PSA Journal