Media praise for Photographic Multishot Techniques

"Overall, this groundbreaking book will point certain photographers in directions they have imagined, but never knew how to proceed. This brief summary does not do justice to the authors and their tutorials. Buy this title for a friend, then borrow it for yourself when you see it collecting dust on his or her shelf. It's a winner."
-- John Nemerovski, MyMac Magazine

"Advanced photographers who need to push beyond the capabilities of the single image will find this book interesting and useful. "
-- Conrad J. Obregon,

"Time and time again images fail because they are not sharp, or properly light in the areas they need to be, but this new book will help you fix those problems for good. Every step is fully illustrated along with all of the tools needed and their settings used so there is also no guesswork about any of it."
-- Paul W. Faust, Impressions of Light

"This book opened some additional doors for me as to getting far more out of my camera than I had considered. I found Photographic Multishot Techniques to be easily understood and the examples used quite valuable in explaining how to perform specific procedures...Photographic Multishot Techniques is a book for those, like me, that find te subject matter fascinating and want to produce images just a little head of the curve."
-- Dennis Hays, X=blog