Media praise for The Wild Side of Photography

"We will definitely find inspiration in this book as we look for creative ways to exercise the Yongnuo timer for our FirstUse review!"
-- Wan Chi Lau, RainyDayMagazine

"The market is flooded with so many boring photography how-to’s it’s enough to make a shutterbug toss his camera and take up golf. This book will, at the very least, hold your interest… and probably inspire you to try something different."
-- Derek Pell, Zoom Street Magazine

"The good thing is, even if you’re not interested in doing most of the things in the book, it’s still interesting to see how professional photographers did them, and every chapter is well written and easy to read. There’s also enough variety that almost any photographer will find something that he or she might like to try."
-- William Springer, Vulcan Ears Book Reviews

"The Wild Side Of Photography, as expected, coming from many different authors, has a lot of different styles of both writing and photography, but what I did like is that this book provides many things that will appeal to most photographers. So if you are looking for some inspiration, wanting to get your creative juices flowing, then The Wild Side Of Photography will provide a good read."
-- T. Michael Testi, The Seattle PI Reader Blogs

"This book is 21 chapters of creativity. With this guide in hand, there’s no more excuse for shooting boring photos."
-- Doug Bardwell, The Cleveland Examiner

"This book will help you be more creative and take your photography to a higher level. There is something for all ages and ability levels. I recommend this for every photographer’s library."
-- Clara Harold, eJournal of the Tucson Computer Society, March 2011, Volume 29, Number 3