Media praise for Marketing Fine Art Photography

"If you are a photographer and have the desire to provide for those needs of your fellow man, turn pro, make it a career and follow Briot's steps to success."
-- FC Etier, Technorati

"If you are looking to get into the sale of your own fine art photography and want a book on the business aspects of marketing your work then I very highly recommend Marketing Fine Art Photography."
-- T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics

"As a teacher and Fine Arts photographer myself, I find that Briot has articulated and demonstrated so many of the facts that face the Fine Arts photographer that I truly wish that I could have read his book fifty years ago when I first moved into the teaching and Fine Arts fields and choose teaching rather than attempting to be a full-time Fine Arts Photographer. Much of my own experiences mirror or verify his own that I cannot help but recommend, strongly recommend, this book to any photographer who contemplates attempting to make a living in the Fine Arts field."
-- Dr. Michael Roach,

"As long as there's a market for your work and you're willing to put in the effort to attract it, this book offers a path to reaping the maximum results."
-- Gordon Lewis, Shutterfinger

"Here is a new reference book that anyone, and everyone, who would like to have their photography pay for it-self needs to have."
-- Paul Faust, Nature Photographers