Media praise for The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook

"Every once in a while, turning a page in this book, I had a wow! reaction. This is one beautiful book. Color images are finely detailed to show you the effect of each step in most workflow topics. This very technical book reads so much better than you would think because so much visual and layout art has been used to lighten the cognitive load. Well done."
-- Brett Merkey,

"This book is like a beautifully arranged and well ordered encyclopedia. I would recommend that especially for someone new to the field as a purchase that is well worth the $50 price because it could easily enable the book’s owner to avoid having to purchase a small library of other more details subject oriented books."
-- Gordon Cook, Cook's Collaborative Edge

"If you want to develop a high quality workflow based on a solid foundation, then I can very highly recommend The Digital Photography Workflow HandBook."
-- T. Michael Testi, The Seattle PI Reader Blogs

"This book is essential for learning, teaching and reference. I'm going to have this book with me at all times...I can not recommend this book highly enough."
-- John Nemerovski, Pixiq