Media praise for Architectural Photography

"If you are interested in exterior architectural photography, this book will tell you everything you need to know..."
-- Conrad J. Obregon

"Architects and photographers often have wildly different viewpoints on how a building should be shown (see page 45). Is it a “real” view or an “artful” view that is expressed in the two-dimensional representation of this three-dimensional creation? Those are the choices of the photographer and those are the options very nicely laid out in this 225-page book. From basic camera choice to accessories to the proverbial argument for “shooting raw,” Schulz makes the reason for each as it relates to the specific field of architectural photography."
-- Doug Bardwell,, Writer & Photojournalist

"The photography of buildings, structures and living spaces is a specialty that is clearly explained and demonstrated in this attractive full-color book. The author, who is both an architect and a photographer, describes the process of selecting the appropriate equipment, working with light, setting the composition, and post-processing images with Adobe Photoshop."
-- The Kleper Report, Issue 16.6-17.1

"For anyone in the field of architectural photography, this is probably a "must-read" book. For anyone not in the field but wanting to break in, read this book and find a mentor working in the field. Preferably, Adrian Schulz."
-- Britt Stokes, DigitalAppleJuice