Media praise for Programming Erlang

"The explanatory material and annotations are lucid and an exemplar of technical communication. Programming Erland provides a comprehensive overview for informed readers -- even those without any programming experience -- who want more than a gloss of what Erlang is about and its capabilities. Those who want to learn, or improve their knowledge of, Erlang, will find this an exceptional guide that is comprehensive and detailed."
-- Major Keary, Book News

"The book is written in a very hands-on style, guiding the reader step-by-step through the various aspects of Erlang. In this sense the book is very pedagogical---it shows that the authors have a lot of experience in teaching programming languages. This is also one of the book's major strengths; the reader is not only taught the Erlang language, but also how to reason about concurrent programming problems in general."
-- Christoffer Ekeroth, Stockholm GTUG