Media praise for Google Gu a de Bolsillo

"I don't believe there's a better bargain available in a computer-related book and no one who ever uses the Internet should be without a copy."
--Joan McIlmoyl Cleghorn, Victoria PC Users' Association, February 2004

"Students and anyone involved in research should make sure they have this very portable resource close at hand while connected to the Web. Great value."
--Major Keary, "PC Update," December 2003

"When I got this book from O'Reilly, my first thought was "How cute! A little book for people who can't figure out a search engine." After reading it, I either have to include myself in that group or change my opinion of the book. This is really good stuff!...In a very concise, readable manner, the authors show you all you need to know to get started with the creation of much more powerful searches than you've had in the past...I used to say that if you give me five minutes, I can find what I'm looking for on the web. After reading this book, I may have to revise that to three minutes. If you get a chance to get this book, do so!"
--Portland Domino/Notes User Group, August 2003

"First of all, it was a nice, comfortable size..Just a nice, simple, well-illustrated list of the basic features of Google and how to use them to narrow searches enough to return the best, most usable information. There are subtle ways to manipulate Google searches, and it didn't take me long to read how this is done and to understand, although I can never remember the precise details so have to look up how to do it when I need a special kind of search. At least the 'Google Pocket Guide' is something I can keep on my desk and still have room for the papers I'm working on. Even better, the Google Pocket Guide has a real index, a good one: five pages of index for a 119-page book. This means you can actually find references to what you're looking for in the index. A novel concept...Bravo to Tara, Rael, and DJ for a really good, small book on how to get the most out of Google's search abilities."
--Diane Haugen, Whiskey Creek Document Design, November 2003

"If you want a quick guide to learning about Google and its many options, pick up this little book and start reading."
--Jean Reese, "Multimedia Schools," December 2003

"I love this little book! 'Google Pocket Gude' is the 'Open Sesame!' to the world?s greatest search engine, and to the treasures of facts, follies, images, opinions, and ideas buried in the bottomless ocean of the Web."
--Michael Pastore, Epublishers Weekly, August 2003

"The 'Google Pocket Guide' contains a lot of good information in a small package. beyond presenting the various Google services and the syntax for using them the authors share tips and suggestions for getting the most out of this really cool set of tools...This book is a good, quick reference to Google. Add it to your utility belt!"
--John Wetherbie,, July 2003

"This book provides exactly the information you need to make your searches faster and more effective, right from the start...The book's certainly worth $10 Bucks and TCF.NET's Editors Pick."
--Richard Brill, Richard Brill's TCF.NET, August 2003

"I'm having more fun than I've had in a long time (don't ask)with the 'Google Pocket Guide' sitting on the desk next to my computer. Not only is it a fun, easy read, it's providing a wealth of realizations about how Google can be used in so many different ways...The 'Google Pocket Guide' the lean and mean action tool."
--Stephen Braitman, North Bay Multimedia Association, July 2003

"If you use the Google Search Engine as a normal user, get this book. Packed with valuable information, it's quite readable."
--Andre Proulx, YUL GNU/Linux User Group, August 2003

"At 130 pages--index included--this handy little pocket guide is a must for the web researcher who wants more than, well, surfing."
--Terry Pollard, South Mississippi Mac User Group, July 2003