Media praise for 40 Digital Photography Techniques, 3rd Edition

"As well as general advice such as setting yourself up to take better pictures, it also has enough specialised sections to please the majority of people i.e. food, architecture, landscapes, self portraits etc. Well written, with some really good use of pictures as examples this is a very good book and well worth adding to your collection."
-- Chris Marshall,

"Most people who like taking pictures probably don't want to spend time reading manuals and long books about camera techniques. Most avid shooters I imagine just want specific techniques and strategies they can easily understand and try out. Well, Young Jin's 3rd edition of 40 Digital Photography Techniques is a very useful resources for these type of digital photographers. First off, the almost 7"x7" size of the book makes it very useful for fitting it into a medium size camera bag and using it when you're out taking pictures. Secondly, manner of the instructions in the book are easy to follow and apply, though the book does provide some advance techniques."
-- Bakari Chavanu,

"...a good review for the experienced photographer and a very good introduction for the novice digital user. While explaining many complexities, it offers shortcuts to help make picture-taking 'fun.' Isn’t that what using cameras should be?"
-- Y. Dick Evans, GTBPCUG Bay Bytes

"Overall, there's a lot to like about this book for the beginning photographer - there's a bit of theory in places, related to lenses and lighting, but most of the material is practical advice."
-- Zoltan Hunt,

"40 Digital Photography Techniques is one of those books that you might get for a friend or relative that's just getting started with digital photography, or perhaps someone who's been shooting digital for a while but wants to learn to shoot better...Techniques is a decent book for someone just getting started with digital photography, or someone who's been shooting digital for a while but still has trouble moving beyond the basics."
-- Jason Dunn, Digital Media Thoughts

"40 Digital Photography Techniques would make a great gift for someone who is interested digital photography or if you're looking to purchase a new digital camera and want to get beyond the typically boring and dictionary style manuals that come with it."
--Bakari Chavanu,