Corporate Services: Annual Discount Policy

The Annual Discount Policy is for North American corporate, non-retail accounts that commit to purchasing a specified number of books annually in return for the convenience of having them shipped as needed.

Annual Quantity Discount
100–299 30%
300–399 35%
400–599 40%
600–799 45%
800–999 48%
1,000–4,999 50%

The discount is based on any combination of O’Reilly titles ordered. A minimum of 10 books per order is required.

To receive the Annual Discount, this contractual agreement must be signed. At the end of the second and fourth fiscal quarters, O’Reilly will provide you with a report summarizing your orders to date. The fiscal year will begin on the first of the month in which the agreement is executed. If the fourth quarter summary report shows that your orders fell short of the agreed upon projection, we will adjust your discount to be based on the actual annual sales using the appropriate discount, and invoice you for the difference between what you paid and what you owe.


You may not combine this discount with any other special offers or discount. Shipping charges are extra and will not be discounted. Sales tax is applicable in CA, IL, MA, NJ, NY, TN, and Canada. If your business is tax exempt, please supply a tax-exempt certificate.

For discounts on purchases of over 5,000 books, please contact Corporate Services at

New Accounts

Companies that wish to establish net 30-day terms are asked to submit a credit application. A minimum of $500 in annual sales must be achieved before a line of credit will be extended. Until the $500 minimum is reached, all orders must be prepaid.


Net 30 days from the invoice date upon receipt of an approved credit application. Shipments may be withheld on past due accounts.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling charges are additional on all orders. In the U.S., orders are shipped UPS ground, unless otherwise specified. Orders for Canada are shipped via our Livingston warehouse unless otherwise specified.

Returns, Credits, and Refunds

There are no returns except for over-shipments, short shipments, or damaged products. Over/short shipments and damaged products need to be brought to our attention within 30 days of the invoice date. For damaged/mis-shipped titles, please call Customer Service for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and to arrange for free freight return. Any returns shipment made using RMA authorization and claiming free freight must contain only titles related to that authorization. Books not listed on the RMA will assess freight charges, based on estimated freight costs. If you have any financial questions regarding your account, please contact a representative from our Accounts Receivable department at (800) 998-9938. Damaged/mis-shipped books without an RMA will not be given credit, nor will books be returned to the customer.

To participate in O’Reilly’s Annual Discount Policy, please contact Corporate Services at