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by Yves Hilpisch Strata Conference Santa Clara 2014: Complete Video Compilation Strata Conference Santa Clara 2014: Complete Video Compilation Data Visualization Set Data Visualization Set Building a Solid World Building a Solid World
by Jon Bruner, Mike Loukides Expert Cube Development with SSAS Multidimensional Models Expert Cube Development with SSAS Multidimensional Models Optimizing Hadoop for MapReduce Optimizing Hadoop for MapReduce Talend for Big Data Talend for Big Data Doing Data Science Doing Data Science
by Rachel Schutt, Cathy O'Neil Data Science for Business Data Science for Business
by Foster Provost, Tom Fawcett Hadoop: The Definitive Guide Hadoop: The Definitive Guide
by Tom White
Third Edition SQL Pocket Guide SQL Pocket Guide
by Jonathan Gennick
Third Edition Learning SQL Learning SQL
by Alan Beaulieu
Second Edition MongoDB: The Definitive Guide MongoDB: The Definitive Guide
by Kristina Chodorow
Second Edition FileMaker Pro 12: The Missing Manual FileMaker Pro 12: The Missing Manual
by Stuart Gripman, Susan Prosser MongoDB Applied Design Patterns MongoDB Applied Design Patterns
by Rick Copeland Machine Learning for Hackers Machine Learning for Hackers
by Drew Conway, John Myles White SQL Cookbook SQL Cookbook
by Anthony Molinaro Head First SQL Head First SQL
by Lynn Beighley Graph Databases Graph Databases
by Ian Robinson, Jim Webber, Emil Eifrem


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Data News

5 Fun Facts about HBase that you didn’t know

By Ben Lorica
April 6, 2014

With HBaseCon right around the corner, I wanted to take stock of one of the more popular1 components in the Hadoop ecosystem. Over the last few years, many more companies have come to rely on HBase to run key products …

Visualizing Health IT: A holistic overview

By Andy Oram
April 1, 2014

If visualization is key to comprehending data, the field of health IT calls for better visualization. I am not talking here of pretty charts and animations. I am talking, rather, of a holistic, unified understanding of the bustle taking place …

Understanding the Now: The Role of Data in Adaptive Organizations

By O'Reilly Strata
March 31, 2014

By Chris Diehl of The Data Guild Slow and Unaware It was 2005. The war in Iraq was raging. Many of us in the national security R&D community were developing responses to the deadliest threat facing U.S. soldiers: the improvised explosive device (IED). …

Decide Better

By Alistair Croll
March 26, 2014

When we launched Strata a few years ago, our original focus was on how big data, ubiquitous computing, and new interfaces change the way we live, love, work and play. In fact, here’s a diagram we mocked up back then …

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