Certification for Apache Cassandra

Get certified as a Cassandra Developer, Administrator, or Architect and be recognized for your expertise

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Get Certified So You Can:

  • Demonstrate validation for your expertise.
  • Meet global standards and ensure compatibility between Cassandra applications and distributions.
  • Stay up to date with the latest advances and training in Cassandra.
  • Be a part of the growing Cassandra community.

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There are two ways to take the exams for the Developer ($300), Administrator ($300), or Architect ($400) Certification for Apache Cassandra.

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Over 700 Kryterion test centers worldwide are available for you to take the exam in-person. View a schedule of upcoming dates and register for an exam by creating an account on Kryterion.

Real-time event data is at the heart of some of today’s biggest trends: convergence of cheap sensors, fast networks, and distributed computation. Cassandra’s ability to scale clusters with thousands of nodes makes it an ideal solution for ingesting and analyzing large volumes of time series and event data. Business use cases for Cassandra have been increasing rapidly, fueling the growth of the Cassandra developer community.

O’Reilly and Datastax have partnered to create Certification for Apache Cassandra. Certification will establish industry standards for measuring and validating Cassandra technical expertise. The certification exam will be available to take online, in over 700 test centers worldwide, and at select Cassandra events.

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