2017 European Data Science Salary Survey

Tools, Trends, What Pays (and What Doesn't) for Data Professionals in Europe

2017 European Data Science Salary Survey

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How do data science salaries for people in Europe compare to their counterparts in the rest of the world? Among the more than 1000 people who responded to O’Reilly’s 2016 Data Science Salary Survey, 359 live and work in various European countries as data scientists, analysts, engineers, and related professions.

This report takes a deep dive into the survey results from respondents in various regions of Europe, including the tools they use, the compensation they receive, and the roles they play in their respective organizations. Even if you didn’t take part in the survey, you can still plug your own information into the survey’s simple linear model to see where you fit.

With this report, you’ll learn:

  • How salaries vary by country and specific regions in Europe
  • The average size of the companies respondents work for, according to region
  • How a respondent’s salary is affected by their country’s gross domestic product
  • The type of industry they work for, including software, banking and finance, and retail and ecommerce
  • Which tools are most commonly used vs the tools used by respondents with above-average salaries
  • The major and minor tasks that respondents perform

To stay up to date on this research, your participation is crucial. The survey is now open for the 2017 report; please take just 5 to 10 minutes to participate in the survey here.

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