The Path to Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

The Path to Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

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In many companies today, discussions about predictive analytics and machine learning tend to overlook one critical component: implementation. This report will help you examine practical methods for building and deploying scalable, production-ready machine-learning applications. Leveraging machine-learning models in production, after all, separates revenue generation and cost savings from mere intellectual novelty.

Product specialists from MemSQL describe several real-time use cases, including "operational" applications, where machine-learning models automate decision-making processes, as well as "interactive" applications, where machine learning informs decisions made by humans. You’ll also explore modern data processing architectures and leading technologies available for data processing, analysis, and visualization.

With this report, you’ll find ways to:

  • Build real-time data pipelines
  • Process transactions and analytics in a single database
  • Create custom real-time dashboards
  • Redeploy batch models in real time
  • Build real-time machine learning applications
  • Prepare data pipelines for predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Apply predictive analytics to real-time challenges
  • Use techniques for predictive analytics in production
  • Move from machine learning to artificial intelligence

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Conor Doherty

Conor Doherty is a Technical Marketing Engineer at MemSQL, responsible for creating content around database innovation, analytics, and distributed systems. He also sits on the product management team, working closely on the Spark-MemSQL Connector. While Conor is most comfortable working on the command line, he occasionally takes time to write blog posts (and books) about databases and data processing.

Steven Camina

Steven Camina

Steven Camiña is a Principal Product Manager at MemSQL. His experience spans B2B enterprise solutions, including databases and middleware platforms. He is a veteran in the in-memory space, having worked on the Oracle TimesTen database. He likes to engineer compelling products that are user-friendly and drive business value.

Gary Orenstein

Gary leads marketing at MemSQL across marketing strategy, growth, communications, and customer engagement. Prior to MemSQL, Gary was the Chief Marketing Officer at Fusion-io where he led global marketing activities. He also served as Senior Vice President of Products at Fusion-io during the company’s expansion to multiple product lines. Prior to Fusion-io, Gary worked at infrastructure companies across file systems, caching, and high-speed networking. Earlier in his career he served as the vice president of marketing at Compellent. Gary holds a bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College and a master's in business administration from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Kevin White

Kevin White

Kevin White is the Director of Operations and a content contributor at MemSQL. He has worked in the digital marketing industry for more than 10 years, with deep expertise in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) arena.