Developer Certification for Apache Spark

Online Exam

Known issues, bugs & workarounds

This page outlines known issues you may experience while preparing to take the online version of the Developer Certification for Apache Spark exam.

The certification exam is offered through a testing platform created and managed outside of O’Reilly, by Kryterion. At least 48 hours before your scheduled exam, Kryterion recommends that you read the following guidelines, in order to properly setup your computer:

Note: You must use an external USB web-camera to take the online exam. See the above document for camera requirements.

As you follow the above guidelines, you may encounter some known issues — please review the following information for possible solutions. If you need further assistance, please contact support for Kryterion Online Proctoring for assistance (support is available via email, LivePerson chat, or by phone).

Phone: 877-313-2008 (U.S.) or 001 602-659-4679 (International)
Live Chat:, then click on "LIVE HELP"

Note: You will be able to launch the exam within 10 minutes before your scheduled exam time, and up to 20 minutes past the scheduled exam time. If you do not successfully begin the exam, or contact Kryterion within 20 minutes past your scheduled exam time, you will be unable to launch the exam and you will need to contact Kryterion Online Proctoring to reschedule.

Workarounds for Known Issues

Test-takers who are using a Mac operating system and/or using Google Chrome may encounter the following error message:

Chrome Workaround

If you encounter this message, there may be a short workaround needed to bypass the security features that Chrome has in place. Please try the following:

After clicking on "Step 2: Enroll in Biometrics", check the top right corner near the star icon. There should be a grey shield icon; click on it and choose "Load Unsafe Scripts".

If a Launch Application does not appear right away, click on "Step 2: Enroll in Biometrics" once more and the External Protocol Request with the Launch Application will appear.

Mac Workaround

On Mac systems, sometimes a security method called Gatekeeper will stop the Sentinel program from installing properly. Please try the following:

Go to Apple > System Preferences > Security and Privacy > then select "Allow applications downloaded from: Anywhere."

(If all options are grayed out, click on the "Lock" button in the bottom left corner of the window). Once that is complete, you will need to enroll or launch the exam through the Webassessor site, and not open it on the dock.

If you are using Chrome, after clicking on Step 2 (Enroll in Biometrics), see the instructions above for the Chrome Workaround.

Other Tips

  • When the exam launches, the browser may be so large that it clips the navigation buttons that are within the exam — try scrolling down in order to see them.
  • When you create your biometric profile, you will be asked to take a photo for facial recognition. Please keep in mind that any reflections from nearby windows may be problematic; try adjusting your chair or moving to a different location.