Experience Design

A Curated Collection of Chapters from the O'Reilly Design Library

Publisher: O'Reilly
Released: October 2014

As a designer, you know that continuously learning about the latest methodologies, tools, and techniques is critical to your success. O’Reilly Design books provide experienced designers with the knowledge and guidance to continue to build on your skillset. Whether you're interested in designing for Internet of Things, adopting Lean UX, or understanding the principles for creating user experiences in a multi-device ecosystem, there is something in here for you. We've selected titles from published and forthcoming books that span Process (Lean UX), Strategy, Data Informed Design, Designing for IoT, Branding, Behavioral Economics, Designing Across Devices, and more.

  1. Experience Design includes:

    1. Designing Connected Products

      1. Chapter 1. What’s Different About UX for the Internet of Things?
      2. Chapter 8. Interface and Interaction Design
    2. UX Strategy

      1. Chapter 2. The Four Tenets of UX Strategy
    3. Designing with Data

      1. Chapter 1. Data-Driven vs Data-Informed Design: Does It Matter?s
      2. Chapter 4. The Culture of Data
    4. Lean Branding

      1. Chapter 3. Brand Strategy
    5. Lean UX

      1. Chapter 5. MVPs and Experiments
    6. Designing for Behavior Change

      1. Chapter 3. Strategies for Behavior Change
    7. Designing Multi-Device Experiences

      1. Chapter 1. An Ecosystem of Connected Devices
      2. Chapter 3. The Continuous Design Approach
    8. Designing for Emerging Technologies

      1. Chapter 1. Designing for Emerging Technologies
      2. Chapter 2. Intelligent Materials: Designing Material Behavior
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