Inside Aperture Podcast 21

Jennifer Sauer is a pro shooter who has incorporated Aperture into her post production workflow... but not in the way you might imagine. For her latest project, The Way to Tea (a glorious book that's an adventure guide to San Francisco tea culture), she chose Aperture to handle the Raw processing for images from her Canon 5D. She also used Photo Mechanic and Photoshop for other stages of production.

In this podcast, Jennifer describes the role that Aperture played in the creation of her beautiful book. Derrick Story interviews.

Jennifer Sauer

Jennifer Sauer photographed by Derrick Story.

If you like the Inside Aperture interview with Jennifer, you may also be interested in her discussion about how she got her book published on The Digital Story.

(Inside Aperture, Oct. 5, 2007: 22 minutes, 07 seconds)

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