Inside Aperture Podcast 25

Leopard brings a host of new goodies for Aperture users by virtue of the new photography functionality baked right into the operating system. In this interview with Senior Product Manager Joe Schorr, you'll hear some of the most enticing and useful features for Aperture photographers.


Joe does a great job of explaining Leopard's media browser. Basically, you can access your entire Aperture library through other Mac applications such as Mail. This makes it much easier to use your Aperture database as the central repository for all of your images. What gets even better, is that you can also tap your Aperture library directly through open dialog boxes in big time applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word. There are some great tips here for power users.

Finally, Joe covers Quick Look and Cover Flow. Both of these OS additions can save you time as you manage your photos, especially those you've output and are preparing for delivery.

(Inside Aperture, Jan 8, 2008: 17 minutes, 2 seconds)

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