Inside Aperture Podcast 26

Aperture 2.0 has four important cornerstones. You can work faster. It's easier to use. The image quality is even better. And there's new camera support.

Aperture Quick Preview

Aperture 2.0 in Quick Preview mode (notice the yellow outline). Soccer photos by John McDermott.


In this interview with Joe Schorr (Apple Senior Product Manager), Derrick Story asks about the key features in this latest release of Apple's top drawer photo management software. Discussion points touch on:

The new tabbed HUD with added adjustment tools.

  • Interface Changes, including the tabbed inspector, double-click behaviors, and the new All Projects, which is similar to Events in iPhoto.

  • Performance Improvements, including the optimized database for better searching and browsing, and Quick Previews that use available Jpegs instead of always decoding the Raw file. Photographers can use this mode for everything but image editing. Single key toggling in and out of Quick Preview mode by pressing the "P" key.

  • Image Decoding and Adjusting, including the Raw 2.0 decoder and a host of new editing tools. Joe also talks about Baseline DNG that enables Aperture users to work with DNGs, even if the native Raw format isn't supported by Aperture.

  • New Camera Support, featuring Canon G9, Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III, Nikon D300, Nikon D3, Hasselblad CF-22, Hasselblad CF-39, Leaf Aptus 75s, and the Sony Alpha DSLR-A700.

This podcast is brimming with helpful information for those interested in downloading and working with Aperture 2.0

(Inside Aperture, Feb 12, 2008: 27 minutes, 25 seconds)

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