Inside Aperture Podcast 27

Apple's web page says, "Aperture 2 delivers over 100 dramatic, new features." And still there are a few terrific ones they forgot to put on the list. In this podcast, Derrick Story chats with Joe Schorr, Senior Product Manager for Aperture, to uncover a few of these hidden gems.

If you have one of the new MacBooks with a multi-touch trackpad, there are a number of gestures that Aperture recognizes. For example, you can expand and contract thumbnails with the "pinch," or navigate using the "3-finger brush." A complete list of Aperture gestures are available by downloading the Late-Breaking News PDF.

Another handy feature that didn't make the list is the ability to "nudge" adjustments by single-clicking in the number field, then using the arrow keys to modify the setting. So, for example, you can single-click in the Temperature numeric field, then use the arrow keys to warm or cool the photograph. If you want even more subtle nudging, hold down the Option key during this process.

And finally, if you're running a referenced library, and roundtripping to Photoshop for advanced image editing, Aperture 2 will now save the roundtripped TIFFs or PSDs in the same folder as their originals. That means the Aperture library on your computer will no longer grow in leaps and bounds as a result of roundtripping.

Joe throws in a few more goodies too, so if you're an Aperture 2 user, you'll definitely want to tune in to this show.

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