Inside Aperture Podcast 28

Aperture 2.01 (and later) includes excellent hooks for AppleScript automation. A good example is the Aperture- InDesign Integration Demo that provides interactivity with Adobe's professional layout application. Now, preview images from Aperture can be placed into InDesign (or another application's document) while maintaining direct links to the related master images in the Aperture library. These placed previews can be updated as needed, and even replaced with high-resolution exports, in preparation for offset or direct-to-plate printing.

For this Inside Aperture podcast, Derrick Story sits down with Apple's automation guru, Sal Soghoian, to discuss how the Aperture-InDesign Integration Demo is a compelling example of Aperture's scripting capability. He then goes on to talk about how Aperture can serve as your robust imaging database for just about any publishing workflow, even including programs such as Microsoft Word.

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