Designing products and services that resonate with customers takes more than just a few stock demographics reports. By studying practices of successful companies, you can apply the same techniques to your own endeavors. In this podcast, Derrick Story interviews three of the four authors of "Subject to Change," who provide insights about how prosperous businesses can -- and should -- use customer experiences to inform and shape the product development process, from start to finish.

You'll hear from Brandon Schauer, Director of Experience Design at Adaptive Path, David Verba, Technology Advisor for Adaptive Path, and Peter Merholz, President of Adaptive Path. During the conversation, they cover four key topics:

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  1. Design - This is an activity, a process. Not just something done by interesting people who wear black all the time.
  2. Product and Services - It's not good enough just to have a great product. It needs to fit within an ecosystem, even if you have to create that too.
  3. The Long Wow - Sustainable services and products that continue to delight customers.
  4. Customer Types - There are basic categories of customers that are worth understanding.

All the topics from this conversation, and many more, are covered extensively in the book, Subject To Change: Creating Great Products & Services for an Uncertain World.