Inside Aperture Podcast 29

I've been having so much fun playing with the new organizing and editing tools in Aperture 2.1, I hadn't had a chance yet to investigate the improvements with the book-making tool. So, when I sat down with Joe Schorr recently to talk about it, I wasn't expecting any big revelations. Boy, was I surprised when he fired up Aperture and began to show me what's new.

This conversation has two basic aspects. The first covering the new templates and layout tools. After that, we talked about some of the great output options available once you design a page, or a series of pages. For example, I hadn't noticed that the "Save as PDF" button changed to a PDF pop-up menu in the Print dialog box for the Book tool. This is a direct link to the PDF Services directory on your hard drive containing some very useful Automator workflows. (In case you are wondering, the PDF Services folder is located in the Library at the root level.)

You can grab additional workflows from applescript/aperture, such as "Render PDF as Images to Keynote." And if that wasn't cool enough, you can open these workflows in Automator, adjust them to taste, then save as new workflows... and they will appear in your PDF pop-up menu with the others.

Once you put these pieces together, you can imagine the kind of things you can do with your Aperture library. This is not a chat just about book making... it is much more.

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