Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop Adventure 2006

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During the summer of 2006, a group of ambitious photographers traveled to the pristine Icelandic landscape to capture its beauty. They applied their craft during 22-hour long days bathed in horizontal light.

Since each member of the team had to work around the clock, the processing equipment of choice were laptops running Lightroom, Adobe's new photo management software. Using Lightroom, photographers uploaded, sorted, keyworded, adjusted, and output their Raw images while still working in the field.

On this page, you can read the stories, see the images, and listen to the photographers discuss this challenging assignment. Blog posts are updated regularly.

Web Galleries

The images from the following galleries were captured during the Lightroom Adventure. They represent the work of more than a dozen photographers. Gallery pages were generated with beta versions of the Web module in Lightroom.


George Jardine, pro shooter and Adobe Lightroom Evangelist, was part of the Lightroom Adventure team that traveled to Iceland during the summer of 2006. In this interview by fellow Adventurer Derrick Story, George talks about working with other world class photographers on location and the development of Adobe Lightroom... and how the two forces came together in Iceland. Download the podcast here. Running time is 14:10.


Mikkel's wonderful book titled, Photoshop Lightroom Adventure is nearing completion. What makes this effort so unique is that it combines an expert guide with gorgeous images from Iceland, all captured by the Iceland Adventure Team. It's coffee table meets workstation. Brains and beauty. As I was digging around for some tidbits for the project, I ran across a slideshow that we used as an introduction for our talks about the Adventure. I decided to re-master the video and publish it for Inside Lightroom readers.

Fred and Mikkel
Cologne, Germany--I'm winding up a week at Photokina, the world's largest photographic trade show held every two years here in Cologne. I spent a good deal of the week as a guest in the Adobe booth, talking up our Adobe Lightroom Iceland Adventure and showing off some of the tips and tricks we learned on our week long adventure in Iceland this summer.

Lightroom Beta 4 Available Now

Adobe announced the release of Lightroom Beta 4 today at Photokina. This version is a substantial update for both Windows and Mac users. I've been testing various builds of Beta 4 on a Mac since the Iceland Lightroom Adventure, and I can tell you from experience, that it's worth the download.

At the Photoshop World Keynote in Las Vegas yesterday, the guest Adobe representatives actually spent the bulk of their time showing the crowd new, cool features of not Photoshop but the "complementary product" designed particularly for photographers, Adobe Lightroom.

If you've been following the Adobe Lightroom Adventure to Iceland, you know that we've published a dozen galleries from members of the team. Viewing them, you might realize that some of them are using the current template available in Beta 3 for the Mac, and then others are, well, using something different.

The Couple from Sweden

On the first Saturday in Iceland I joined the group as they migrated north to Reykholt. This wasn't the easiest of decisions because I had a wedding waiting for me in the other direction, south of Reykjavik. But getting me back and forth would have proven difficult. I was disappointed, but figured something else would materialize.

Lightroom 1.1 Strikes!


Lightroom 1.1 is available starting today. And Mikkel Aaland's Photoshop Lightroom Adventure is ready. The up-to-the-nanosecond publication will be available mid-July. In the meantime Mikkel is talking about some of Lightroom 1.1's neat new features on the Digital Media blog.

Says Mikkel, "All of you who bought version1.0, don't worry. The upgrade to 1.1 is free. All you need to do is go to the Adobe site: This upgrade, in my opinion, is the best deal of the year."


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Julieanne Kost Discusses Adobe Lightroom

By now, you've probably heard that Adobe's new Lightroom application simplifies your photography workflow, especially if you shoot Raw. In this seven-minute podcast, O'Reilly editor and photographer Derrick Story interviews Julieanne, and they discuss how Lightroom could change photography as we know it.

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From Darkroom to Lightroom: Downloadable PDF

Lightroom is Adobe's new photo workflow application. It provides an upload-to-output solution in one attractive interface that's filled with features designed specifically for serious photographers. O'Reilly author Ken Milburn introduces you to this breakthrough application and provides a 22-page "Getting Started" PDF that you can download today.