Actions and Workflows

You can further automate Aperture's workflow through the use of Automator actions and AppleScripts. On this page you'll see a brief description of each action, the date it was posted, its file size, and a link to the location of the script so you can download it. If you have an Automator Action that you'd like to list here, please send mail to: with the subject: Aperture Automator Action [your name], and provide in the body of the email a brief description of the action, its file size, and where we can download it. We will respond to you as quickly as possible.


Actions or Workflows Date File size Download
Aperture Burn Master Images to Disc Workflow
Use this Automator workflow to archive your best master images to DVD or CD. For more information about this workflow, read the article on this site titled, "Automated Workflow to Archive Your Best Images to DVD."
12.20.2006 28 KB Download
Simple Tethered Shooting Workflow
This basic Automator workflow can be used to import captured images into Automator.
12.05.2006 8 KB Download
Extended Tethered Shooting Workflow
This Automator workflow builds upon the Simple Tethered workflow by adding the following actions: Set IPTC Tags, Export Versions, and Move Finder Items.
12.05.2006 28 KB Download
Time-Lapse Shooting Workflow
This time-lapse Automator workflow features the Take Picture and Import Photos actions to simplify the time-lapse photography workflow.
11.02.2006 12 KB Download
Separate JPEGs Automator Action
When you shoot RAW+JPEG, the camera creates two files on your media card. Both have the same name, but different extensions. If you try to import these into Aperture, though, you'll find that Aperture ignores the JPEG file and only imports the RAW. This Automator action automatically separates the two files into separate directories allowing Aperture to import them both. It builds a sub-folder inside of any folder that you pass to it, names this subfolder JPEGs, and moves any JPEG images in the source folder into this new subfolder. Now you're able to catalog both RAWs and JPEGs of the same images.
11.02.2006 9.4 KB Download