O'Reilly Media's Inside Aperture site draws upon community expertise to provide you with tips and real-life experiences from professional shooters who use Apple's premier photo management application to organize, edit, and output their images. This site features weblogs, articles, podcasts, and tutorials—all focused to help you improve your digital photography workflow.


O'Reilly Media's Inside Lightroom web site shows you how to tap the power of Adobe's photo management application that's designed for photographers who want to quickly organize, process, and output their images. With the help of our Lightroom community, you will quickly master this application and bring new efficiency to your photography workflow.


dekePod Deke McClelland's uncensored, unregulated, and frankly unwise once-every-other-weekly videos on the topics of computer graphics, digital imaging, and the unending realm of creative manipulations. Draw the blinds, hide the babies, hope for the best. Or just watch, wonder, and (if all goes according to plan) learn. We think you'll agree, what dekePod lacks in subtlety, it makes up for in a lack of tact. Sponsored by O'Reilly Media and lynda.com, who, if pressed, deny everything.


Inside Digital Media: Photography O'Reilly Digital Media's books and online resources help you navigate today's technology in the rapidly changing world of creative media. In this series of podcast interviews, we present to you knowledge directly from the experts themselves.

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Featured Photographers: We can stir our own imagination by studying the work of other artists. O'Reilly Digital Media's Featured Photographers Spotlight strives to present you with compelling, evocative images created by amateurs and professionals alike, often using the same tools we have at our disposal.