Event software by Expectnation

About us

What is Expectnation?

Expectnation is a web application for managing conferences. It helps you communicate with participants, gather and schedule presentations, and publish your event web site. Check out the feature list and product tour to see more about our features.

We help with the communication, tracking and sorting involved in creating your conference, giving you more time to focus on your content. Interactive features let you create a smooth and consistent relationship with your participants.

We believe that successful conferences are based on successful community, so our tools are focused in helping you grow and nurture relationships before, during and after your events.

How does it work?

As an Expectnation customer you will receive your own web address which will serve as the central point of event management. You will be able to access the management panel from anywhere there’s a web connection. Your participants — whether speakers, reviewers or attendees — will be able to log in to a dashboard view showing them all they need to know about their dealings with you.

Expectnation customers are able to buy an allowance of events to host each year. Past conferences will be hosted for as long as you’re a customer. As you get a centralized user database, you’ll be able to build up and reuse information about every event participant.

Where are you headed?

We’re not just satisfied with streamlining the mechanics of organizing a conference. We want to enable new conference experiences too. So look out for features that support and enhance the conference experience for attendees and staff alike.

As an example of this approach, take a look at the personal scheduler. Not only does it make it a breeze for attendees to plan out their conference, but it lets organizers know in advance of popular talks and potential room overcrowding.

Keep an eye on the Expectnation blog for news of new features, and handy hints on how to use what’s already available.

Who are your customers?

Our customers range from well established media organizations to grassroots and special interest events. A partial list of current customers is available.

Who makes Expectnation?

Expectnation is a product of O’Reilly Media, Inc. A talented team, including Expectnation creator Edd Dumbill and other seasoned conference professionals, are constantly enhancing and extending the feature set. The O’Reilly Conference team enthusiastically uses Expectnation for all the conferences we produce. Our philosophy is one of constant involvement with our customers, so expect us to be always improving Expectnation to meet your needs.