Event software by Expectnation

Tour: registration

Expectnation’s flexible registration module lets you offer online registration and payment to your attendees, integrated into the rest of your event web site.

Registrants must choose between one or more packages in order to register. Each package may have further component choices, and may also have discount codes set up. Below is the administration screen of an example package.

Package components enable you to gather signup numbers for important parts of your event, such as entertainment options or tutorial choices. As with packages, these can be limited to a certain number of places if you wish.

Discount codes are an easy way to offer special pricing. Codes can be set to require administrator approval before the registration is approved.

Expectnation’s survey system enables you to create additional questions that may be asked of each attendee, and also once per order. Use these to gather data for marketing purposes, or for logistics such as dietary preferences.

Using the public registration form, customers can register one or more attendees in an order. Every attendee is set up as a user inside Expectnation, so you can manipulate and search for them as with any other participant.

When a registrant chooses a package, the applicable component choices appear. You can link choices to confirmed proposals if you wish, so details get drawn right from the proposals themselves.

Expectnation supports online credit card transactions via Payflow Pro, Authorize.net and Paypal Pro UK, as well as regular Paypal web site payments. At your option, you can let customers pay offline too.

Administrative interfaces let you see and manipulate each order. For instance, mark an offline order as completed when payment arrives, and each attendee in that order will be automatically registered.

Every attendee’s registration details can be edited separately.

As much detail as possible is presented about the success or otherwise of online payment, along with a direct link into the payment manager if available. Every order preserves a complete history, to help you provide customer service.

Users are able to see the status of their orders through their Dashboard.

Additional features not depicted here include separate registration support for press, and sales and attendee reporting features.