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CSS has come a long way. What may have seemed like a niche topic a few years ago has evolved into an incredibly useful and powerful tool for web designers and developers. We’re letting you in on a few of Lea Verou’s top CSS tips in this special collection drawn from her 5-star rated book, CSS Secrets.

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This excerpt from Lea Verou’s CSS Secrets—a practical book that provides 47 undocumented techniques and tips for intermediate-to-advanced CSS developers—will help you devise elegant solutions to everyday web design problems, ranging from sticky footers to image borders borders to color tinting.

Throughout these pages, you’ll get a taste of the depth and complexity of Lea’s approach to creative problem solving. It may even whet your appetite for her complete book of CSS Secrets.

Lea Verou

About Lea Verou

Lea Verou is an Invited Expert in the W3C CSS Working Group, the committee that designs the CSS language, and previously worked as a Developer Advocate at the W3C, the Web’s main standards organization. Currently, Lea conducts research in Human-Computer Interaction at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She also blogs, speaks at international conferences, and codes popular open source projects to help fellow developers.