March 26, 2008

O'Reilly Money:Tech Conference Explores Intersection of Wall Street and Web 2.0 Technologies

Sebastopol, CA--"Financial markets are both much bigger and much more valuable than Web 2.0, and have been around a lot longer, but show many of the same patterns," wrote O'Reilly Media CEO Tim O'Reilly recently. "If the parallels between Web 2.0 and Wall Street are correct, we can divine some of the future Web 2.0 trends by watching what's already happened on Wall Street."

His assertion was one of the inspirations for the O'Reilly Money:Tech Conference, held in New York from February 6-7, 2008. The event was designed to provide a context and environment for pushing the boundaries of technological innovations in the financial industry and for examining their effect on investment opportunities. Social networking tools, data visualization and mining, unconventional sources of information, and other on-the-cusp Web 2.0 technologies are profoundly disrupting how Wall Street conducts business. The first-ever Money:Tech brought together over 400 professional investors and fund managers, researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs, analysts, and academics to raise the level of awareness and conversation around these changes.

"The conference is, of course, all about the confluence of Wall Street and Web 2.0," noted program chair Paul Kedrosky. "And what does that mean? Well, new ways of Web-2.0-style collaborating are changing money and investing, with the zero-sum game of Wall Street changing in the process. At the same time market mash-ups with new sources of web-based data--auctions, real estate, pricing, weather--are transforming the never-ending hunt for a money-making edge."

A collaborative event that melded thought leadership with practical discussions, Money:Tech included two days of plenary sessions, demonstrations, panels, and keynote presentations. The conference program featured wide ranging discussions from industry experts such as:

Money:Tech's Sponsor Gallery featured the latest offerings from companies key to the finance market, allowing attendees to make connections and further their knowledge. Sponsors and exhibitors included: AGORACOM, Dow Jones, Capital IQ, Connotate, Gerson Lehrman Group, Good Morning Research, Kapow Technologies, Majestic Research, PredictWallStreet, Thomson Financial, Trade King, Yahoo! Finance, yoonew, and Zecco Holdings, Inc.

Announcements by participants were also made at the conference:

The debut event drew participants from around the world, innovators as well as established players, all interested in how to leverage new tools and gain a competitive edge in the markets. Money:Tech created a fertile environment for thinking about new ways that money and information change hands, comparing and contrasting tools, ideas, and other technology advances in the investment industry.

The second O'Reilly Money:Tech Conference will take place in February of 2009 in New York City. The dates will be announced soon.

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For more information on the intersection of money and technology, read program chair Paul Kedrosky's blog, Infectious Greed, at: http://paul.kedrosky.com/

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