October 19, 2009

Windows 7: The Definitive Guide--New from O'Reilly: The Essential Resource for Professionals and Power Users

Sebastopol, CA—Everything you need to know about Windows 7 is right here. Windows 7: The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly, US $59.99) covers all of the features and enhancements in complete detail, along with specifics for configuring them.

Bestselling author and Windows expert William Stanek provides everything you need to manage and maintain Windows 7. You'll learn all of the features and enhancements in complete detail, along with specifics for configuring the operating system to put you in full control.

Stanek says, "Windows 7 is dramatically different from earlier versions of Windows from top to bottom...Other books [will] introduce and simplify Windows 7, or provide quick starts or step-by-step guides, or promise to teach even dummies how to use Windows 7. In this book, I don't pretend anyone is a dummy and I don't just teach you the steps you need to follow, I teach you how features work, why they work the way they work, and how to customize them to meet your needs."

He continues: "Regardless of whether you are a beginning, power user, or seasoned professional, many of the concepts in this book will be valuable to you. And you'll be able to apply them to your computer regardless of which edition of Windows 7 you are using."

With Windows 7: The Definitive Guide, you will learn how to squeeze every bit of power out of Windows 7 to take full advantage of its features and programs, including how to:

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William Stanek has over 20 years of hands-on experience with advanced programming and development. He has written nearly 100 books.

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Windows 7: The Definitive Guide
Windows 7: The Definitive Guide
William Stanek
ISBN: 9780596800970, 990 pages,
Book Price: $59.99 USD, £38.50 GBP
Ebook Price: $47.99 USD


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