October 13, 2000

Untangling the "Data Web" Building Oracle XML Applications

SEBASTOPOL, CA--The Internet is driving an unprecedented demand for access to information, and many of the leading Internet businesses run their growing enterprises on Oracle databases. There has never been a better time to be a web application developer who can exploit both XML (Extensible Markup Language) and the Oracle database.

O'Reilly's just-released Building Oracle XML Applications (Steve Muench, $44.95) gives Java and PL/SQL developers a detailed look at the many Oracle tools that support XML development-including the Oracle XML Parser, the Oracle XML SQL Utility, and the XSQL Servlet.

"More than ever before, developers need to be able to rapidly acquire, integrate, repurpose, and exchange information with other applications to feed their growing databases and to coordinate their business operations with those of partners and suppliers over the Web," says Muench. "XML dramatically simplifies these tasks."

Oracle describes Oracle 8iTM as "the first XML enabled database." Building Oracle XML Applications shows how to combine the power of XML and XSLT with the speed, functionality, and reliability of the Oracle database to build flexible applications. Muench, Oracle's lead XML Technical Evangelist and development lead for Oracle XSQL Pages, delivers nearly 800 pages of useful timesaving hints and extensive examples that developers can put to use immediately to build custom XML applications.

Muench has been a catalyst in helping Oracle development teams weave XML and XSLT sensibly into their future development plans, and is uniquely qualified to provide a hands-on, practical guide to the nuts and bolts of XML and the intimately related XSLT and XPath standards.

Building Oracle XML Applications abounds with tested, commented, and fully explained examples that can be used to jump-start your own Oracle XML web development projects. The companion CD-ROM contains JDeveloper 3.1 (for Windows NT/2000), an integrated development environment for Java.

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Building Oracle XML Applications
By Steve Muench
1st Edition October 2000
792 pages, Includes CD-ROM $44.95 (US)

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