April 24, 1998

Windows NT Registry Secrets Revealed

The Windows NT Registry is the repository for all hardware, software, and application configuration settings. And yet, remarkably little is written on how the NT Registry works, what it's used for, and how to harness its power to work for you. "System administrators get paid to fix problems," says author Paul Robichaux. "NT's Registry can be the source of, or solution to, difficult problems. Because the Registry underlies every component of NT, a thorough knowledge of what's in the Registry and how it works is a required survival skill for NT admins and users."

O'Reilly's newest release, Managing the Windows NT Registry, is the system administrator's guide to maintaining, monitoring, and updating the Registry database.

Managing the Windows NT Registry covers vital issues such as:

In addition to "a wealth of essential registry tips and management strategies that NT administrators will find indispensable" (Sean Daily, Contributing Editor, Windows NT Magazine), a web site associated with the book provides a searchable "living" database of registry keys.

About the Author

Paul Robichaux got his first computer at age eight and promptly wore the shiny silver paint off its keyboard. Since then, he has written software for platforms ranging from clusters of VAXen to embedded CPUs still used by the US Navy. He is currently a member of the technical staff at LJL Enterprises, Inc., where he is responsible for developing Macintosh, Win32, and Solaris-based cryptographic infrastructure components. Paul's interests include large-scale Windows NT deployment, cryptographic systems research, electronic commerce implementation, and finding creative new ways to answer people who ask him whether he thinks Apple is doomed. He has written or contributed to more than a dozen computer books. When he's not writing words or software, he can be found with his family in Harvest, Alabama.


Managing the Windows NT Registry
By Paul Robichaux
1st Edition April 1998 (US)
376 pages, 1-56592-378-2, $39.95 (US$)

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