June 11, 2002

New Version of "The Networking CD Bookshelf" Released

"An outstanding collection of networking resources in a small and unassuming package"

Sebastopol, CA--You've got a shelf full of essential networking books and you're about to hit the road. Which do you take with you? Fortunately this is a choice network administrators no longer have to make. O'Reilly's latest release, The Networking CD Bookshelf, Version 2.0 (US $119.95) gives network admins convenient online access to a library of O'Reilly networking books--all from a CD-ROM drive.

Seven of O'Reilly's best-selling networking guides are included on this CD-ROM, (4,016 pages of O'Reilly references and tutorials) fully searchable and cross-referenced, so administrators can search either the individual index for each book or the master index for the entire collection.

Included are the complete, unabridged versions of these titles:

Packaged with the CD is the new paperback version of "TCP/IP Network Administration, 3rd Edition." If these books were purchased separately, the retail price would be $299.65. But "The Networking CD Bookshelf, Version 2.0" retails for only $119.95.

Network and system administrators will find this unique CD-ROM a potent combination of books that offers unprecedented power and flexibility in this ever-expanding field. "The Networking CD Bookshelf, Version 2.0" covers everything an administrator needs to know about managing, administering, and protecting networks in an up-to-date, exhaustive reference library that's completely portable.

Formatted in HTML, "The Networking CD Bookshelf, Version 2.0," can be accessed with any web browser. No other resource makes so much valuable information so easy to find and so convenient to use.

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The Networking CD Bookshelf, Version 2.0
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